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Innovation that endures


Innovation is far more than technology. At Anthem, we've worked hard and continuously to improve the delivery of health care in this country so that our members can count on high quality, affordable care and achieve well-being. We believe in innovation that endures.


So how do we do it? By leveraging data and technology, we strategically focus on three interconnected areas:


To further network optimization, we have aligned incentives for doctors, patients and employers; we have created flexiblity in netowrk designs and benefits; and we use our strength and local relationships to your greatest advantage.


To improve health activation, we target with unprecedented precision the most engagable individuals; we apply the most actionable solutions; and we deliver holistic support for each member's total well-being.


To enhance the consumer experience, we make the process intuitive, simplifying engagement; we integrate our clinical approach to eliminate gaps in care; and we take personalization to a new level with more targeted outreach.


With our robust data, advanced analytics, behavioral science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, we deliver insights that make an impact. 


This is how innovation endures.


If you have questions, your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Representative will be happy to help you.



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