Financial Advantage


Unmatched financial performance - guaranteed

At Anthem, we're always keeping a close eye on financial performance. For years we've known that we can offer clients significant savings through our network value and clinical expertise, which together deliver a lower cost of care for plan sponsors and those they cover.


More recetly we've been bolder with our commitments to provide financial confidence for choosing Anthem.


We've delivered an average of $53.86 per member, per month (PMPM) savings to clients who moved to Anthem. That's more than a 12% decrease in trend.


When we offer a guarantee, we put a significant portion of our fees at risk. And we've only had to pay out once.  


If you have questions, your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Representative will be happy to help you.

Client savings and trend decrease based on new sales for 2012-2015 representing more than $1.9B in health care spend. 


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