Consumer Experience


Engaging the member. Bringing it home.


To enhance the Consumer Experience, we make the process intuitive, simplifying engagement; we integrate our clinical approach to eliminate gaps in care; and we take personalization to a new level with more targeted outreach.


We have redesigned our consumer experience to be intuitive, simple and convenient. Tools should be easy to understand. The terrain should be easy to navigate.


With technology, we’re achieving much of this behind the scenes, with smart-engagement and speech-recognition tools to help initiate effective outreach and eliminate gaps in care.


We’re employing behavioral analytics, incentives and rewards to make relevant connections and meaningful, lasting change.


We’re also in close communication with the doctors that members see – providing the doctors with data and insights about their patients to help them provide better care. And we’re taking the data that doctors send to us to deliver more meaningful engagement with our members.


Our comprehensive engagement hub integrates more than 150 programs that are tailored to each member and include quick-care options, decision support data, referrals, apps and wellness programs.


With mobile platforms and a variety of hyper-personalized communication options, we connect with members in whatever way best suits their lives.


Through network curation, we’re guiding members to the best providers according to their unique needs.


We believe that for innovation to endure, to have a lasting benefit, it must be meaningful to the human condition. Lower costs. Better outcomes. Better lives. This is how we bring it home.


If you have questions, your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Representative will be happy to help you.


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