Health Activation


Machine learning with genuine heart


To improve Health Activation, we target with unprecedented precision the most engageable individuals; we apply the most actionable solutions; and we coordinate these solutions across different channels and providers.


We are making exponential advancements in health activation, applying proprietary innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning to reveal insights at the speed of light.


We use this extensive data and advanced analytics to predict behavior and drive engagement through the appropriate channels, steering patients to the right providers and eliminating gaps in care.


We understand the importance of provider collaboration—between caregivers, between doctors and patients, and between Anthem and our providers—so everyone’s working together, contributing to better outcomes. Those connections also extend to vision and dental, allowing for more holistic outreach.


And we have applied our thinking in programs to engage 100% of our members. Learn how Anthem worked with a client to boost employee engagement in wellness and achieved measurable success through this case study.


If you have questions, your Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Representative will be happy to help you.


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